Sunday, June 7, 2009

Green Shoots?

As Gordon Brown struggles to keep it together in Britain, other Left-leaning powerbases across Europe are experiencing a similar erosion of public support. Could this be a preview of 2010 stateside?


Smoothfur said...

I do believe that it is a portent of happenings in the United States.

The conservative arm of American politics from all parties will be forced by circumstances to temporarily adopt some normally some leftist liberal ideas but these ideas will be tempered with conservative common sense to diminish long term damage to the economy.
As we are all aware, at times the cure can be quite distasteful but it must be done to eliminate the disease.

Mudge said...

But is there really a cure for the disease called "entitlementism"?

Doc Milnamo said...

Mudge - I don't believe there is. "Entitlementism" is the result of sucking at the government's teet for far too long. Changing behavior is very hard to do.

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