Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The President's Big Date

I've got mixed feelings on this one. First, the pro:

He's still human, he's President of the whole country (not just Washington), it's good for him to be out and about, I like the image of marital unity/bliss they portray, he didn't sign on to being a monk/prisoner of the White House.


Expensive, at taxpayer funded date. Huge carbon footprint for someone who wishes to tax all the rest of our carbon footprints. Sort of a "let them eat cake" act while the country's hurting.

What really kills me though is the utter irony of it. Here's a guy who was part of the chorus EXCORIATING the CEO of GM for taking a corporate jet to a Congressional hearing (presumably an official function of his job), while the new CEO of GM (Barack Obama) takes THREE jets so that he can take his lady on a date.

H/T--Big Brother Tom (who fancies himself my primary muse).


jurater said...

CW, how much do you think this date cost taxpayers? The jets were one thing but what kind of hit does NYC take for extra security? Now for the bigger question, why hasn't he taken a hit for this from the press and public? Just kidding, not really looking for an answer for the last question.

flatorig said...

I lose.

I had bet that your first response was going to be a liberal whining about "how much Bush's trips to Crawford cost the taxpayers".

One report estimates the cost to the taxpayers to be about a quarter million bucks. But Barry Hussein DID pick up the cost of the theatre tickets (@$96.50 each) and dinner. What a champ.

notol said...

I heard a few people talk about Bush's trips but were they 4 hour deals or 2 week vacations? Big difference in my opinion. If Obama was taking a 2 week vacation to HI, I would have no problem with him bringing the whole shooting match with him but a 4 hour date to NYC? I would have mixed in a speech at the United Nations to make it look good.

Anonymous said...

It does seem a bit Marie Antionette

Doc Milnamo said...

I have no love for the current POTUS (as well as the TOTUS!!!) and his fascist, statist ways. With that said, I'm happy he went out on a date with the wife. Yes, the entire thing cost a lot of coin (Except for the theatre tickets and dinner. As I understand it he paid.) Yes he essentially took a private jet while he trashed the GM boys and their corporate jet. But what choice does he have. He can't drive himself, take the train or even a scheduled airline flight. They are all a huge security risk.

As previously stated, I'm not a fan. But I want my president "rested and ready". I want my president to have some down time. And I want my president to have some booty time if that is their proclivity.


Dan said...

I think POTUS wanted to fly coach, probably take the US Airways Shuttle out of National. However, thanks to VP Biden's expert commentary on flying commercial air and its implications wrt swine flu, POTUS was scared-off and forced to fly AF One. Wonder if he did a fly-over the Statue of Liberty for a photo op? Kind of like you'd do if you took a horse and carriage through Central Park and had your picture taken.

Sally said...

I don't begrudge him this either. But two separate planes accompanying him, one with aides and one with press? That's a little over the top.

They could have carpooled.

savighr said...

Doc, I hear what you're saying but it falls on deaf ears. Sometimes you just don't do things and when the economy sucks and people are losing their jobs, you don't go flying your wife on a date. If the wheels of the economy are rolling, sure. As I stated before, should have combined it with something else for appearance sake.

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