Thursday, June 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Colonel Dan

Today is Colonel Dan Karbler's 44th birthday, and he'll be spending it in the field with his Air Defense Artillery Brigade in workups for his upcoming CENTCOM Deployment. Dan's a family man, a patriot, an intellect, and a staunch defender of all that is Wisconsin. And he had the distinct displeasure of sharing an office with me for a year, having to listen to my bloviation on a daily basis. His place in heaven is secure on this basis only.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Dan!

Mudge said...

Hooah Birthday, Dan. So you shared an office with CW. Talk about arduous duty!

Doc Milnamo said...

Arduous duty? He (Col. Dan) whould have received battle pay! But I guess a slice of heaven in the hereafter will work. Many happy returns Colonel Dan.

PK said...

CW, I question your theology but not your loyalty to good men.
Happy birthday, fabulous Dan!

Dan said...

Gentlemen, thanks for the birthday wishes.

As part of our stateroom mission to elevate Joint slackerism to new heights, CW and I created a month-long celebration which commemorated the proximity of our two birthdays (I am older). We called it: "McGarbler Fest" and posted a mission statement and calendar of events on our whiteboard -- lunches at Army-Navy, golf, having a catch on the grass in front of Crystal Mall 3, multiple bagel runs, and a dinner or two thrown in. We soon had a steady stream of visitors each morning to see what the day's events would bring. Great memories, CW. Thanks for the post.

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