Sunday, July 5, 2009

Another Republican Self-Immolates

Sarah Palin's resignation from office in Alaska is the latest example we have of promising, popular Republican Governors without the stomach to take on the Presidency. Mark Sanford spoke of the "bubble" he lived in (in South Carolina?), Sarah Palin talks of the attacks and pressures she's felt since her Veep run--bottom line for me is that whatever pressure either of these two was feeling is NOTHING compared to what Barack Obama feels every single day in the job he now occupies. My admiration for the organization he (Obama) built, the strategy he followed, and the conduct he has maintained--grows each day, especially in light of the amateur hour we seem to be treated to lately by the Republican Party.

We (Republicans) damn sure better start coalescing NOW behind someone with the intellectual heft and moral courage to challenge the President in 2012.


Sally said...

You knew I was going to say something about this. In some ways, getting her off the front pages is actually better for the Republican Party. I just fervently hope there's not a scandal about to surface.

As far as the stomach to take on the Presidency, NONE of us know the real reasons for this other than her family. And I'm certainly not contrasting the challenges she faces with the President's challenges. But in response to your expressed admiration for our President, I really don't think he and his family have quite faced the withering, relentless attacks she has. They are feted and revered, and she's become an accepted national punchline. Some of it self-induced, but as far as her daughters working their way into David Letterman's routine, Andrew Sullivan obsessively questioning the maternity of her baby son, and numerous frivolous ethics complaints filed against her, the abuse dished out was way out of line. Somehow when she was the target it became acceptable.

Perhaps she'd simply had enough. I don't blame her a bit.

Sally said...

And by the way, it only makes Romney look better and better each day.

Anonymous said...

I am quite amazed at how self professed conservatives immediately grasp the Lib/Dem spin that Governor Palin "lacks the stomach to take on the presidency". Unless and until you have evidence to the contrary you should give Governor Palin the benefit of the doubt.
With fair weather people like you, it is no wonder the Conservative Republican movement is self destructing

Smoothfur said...

Romney looked to be the best even before the previous Republican primary. With experience in both the private and public sectors as a CEO he was head and shoulders above them all.

Realist said...

Scandal or no scandal, this can only be a good thing for the Republican Party. If she were to win the GOP primary, it would only lend further credence to the idea that the party is anchored by a bunch of simpletons.

Yes, she's accomplished in her own right, but in no way is she POTUS material. To argue otherwise is fantasy.

The Conservative Wahoo said...

Sally, Anon--

I have no idea whether Ms. Palin thinks she has the stomach to take on the Presidency. What I was expressing was MY view that she doesn't have the stomach. I won't vote for someone who quits their elective office due to the pressure on themselves or their family. The pressure in the Oval Office is unremitting.

As far as I'm concerned, she no longer deserves my consideration for the top job.

CR UVa said...

I figure now is the time to wait and see. Considering how our own governor appears to be completely incompetent taking on two jobs at once, it might be in Governor Palin's best interest in deciding to focus on one or the other and putting all her efforts towards it. The way I've always seen it, if a politician wants another office, he shouldn't say he still wants the one he has when he clearly has higher aspirations.

Greg "The Hammer" Dail said...

She's not ready to be President, and Obama is? Look, the woman comes from a small state. She needed a little seasoning for the national stage but her speech at the convention showed she could handle the pressure and energize conservatives. That was the problem. In conjunction with "country club" Republicans, Democrats and the mainstream media (as well as the entertainment, sports media etc.) they have made a major effort to destroy her. I'll tell you this for nothing, anybody would be better than Obama, and I mean that. This guy is destroying our financial system, he's attacking our liberties and driving us into bankruptcy. We are in a lot of trouble.

Boomer said...

Palin is as qualified to be the President as Obama is. Of course, that's because Obama has lowered the bar so.

Let's not waste our powder on someone who is as "good" as Obama, there are too many Republicans out there who fit that bill.

Let's look for "the best". Mitt or Rudy get my vote.

Anonymous said...

You have to be kidding me. President Obama's poor foundation for presidential leadership does not prove Sarah Palin's worthiness. I wholeheartedly agree that state senate and less than a full term as U.S. Senator do not a solid foundation make. He's smart, just "misinformed" on major policy issues. She, I dare say, would just be a parrot and mentally bullied by someone I am sure.
I agree, let's choose someone qualified like Romney, but please let's not use the specious arguments briefly laid out by "the Hammer" and Boomer.

Anonymous said...

At this point in time, Romney was and is the best presidential candidate. But, that does not excuse CW and others from jumping on the band wagon of Palin naysayers. When you examine governor Palin’s qualifications (Romney aside) she stands well above people like the President.

T_Lady said...

Mitch Daniels, Republican Governor of Indiana. He has done my state well despite our declining auto industry.

He has the intelligence, moral heft, and business sense to put our country on the right path.

Also, he had served as Budget Director for GWB and kept a tight rein on Congress when it came to spending and entitlements.

He has previously stated that he would not consider the Presidency, but this Hoosier wouldn't mind giving him up for the betterment of our nation.

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