Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Obama: Efforts to Delay Health Care Reform a Political Ploy

One more time, Mr. President. Which party has the 70 vote margin in the house and the 20 vote margin in the Senate? Exactly WHO is it that is holding up health care, sir? You've got all the votes you need in your own party---but---what's that? Oh--YOU DON'T? YOU DON'T EVEN HAVE THE VOTES YOU NEED IN YOUR OWN PARTY? Well now, then how in God's name do you expect Republicans to vote for it?

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Mudge said...

"How do you expect Republicans to vote for it?" Perhaps because there are "republicans" like Mesdames Collins and Snow(e). Fortunately, I doubt there are enough of them. But when it becomes labeled "bi-partisan" you might anticipate one or two as yet reluctant dems rolling with the flow. And if they call it bi-partisan with just two GoP, they'll be using an even lamer definition than the one for which they lambasted the last administration when they called the effort in Iraq "multi-lateral". Oh wait, maybe the "bi" will represent the exact number of republicans who vote for it.

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