Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Second Non-Stimulative Stimulus Bill Coming?

I think you can plan on it, as long as unemployment remains high and the expected benefits of the first stimulus bill (you remember, the one with all the "shovel ready" projects in it) don't kick in. Republicans MUST oppose another round of stimulus. If anything, they should push to scrap the first one and re-wicker it in a more stimulative fashion. Other than that, we MUST not mortgage any more of our future in an effort to eliminate any pain from the electorate.


OBamboozled in Ohio said...

I'm sure that this has been said before, but the only thing that was shovel ready was the bull pucky the dems were spreading around to justify the delayed bulk of this shamulus.

Anonymous said...

The entire prospect is nauseating. In fact, I am still nauseated by the first bill, and now climate change and now the possibility of a second stimulus bill. What percentage of the first 'critical' bill has been spent? Can there be more pork that has been found that needs to be fattened? Have you looked at the transparent recovery.org lately? Illinois has signs all over road projects fixing pot holes from the winter claiming "American Recovery Act" I cringe every time I see one. As if Chicago had no plan to fill its own post winter pot holes in before the stimulus package allowed for critical infrastructure to be repaired. I don't know, this is Illinois. Maybe the winter pot holes surprised them this year or there simply really was no plan.

Goldwater's Ghost said...

I am hopeful that the public will greet the prospect of Porkulus II with the same disdain displayed above.

I also think the markets will react badly, emboldening republicans and blue dog democrats to work together to stop the madness.

Going back and demanding another stimulus bill may force the administration to admit that they bungled the first one - hardly a positive message to send to a public they are trying to persuade to hand over control of health care.

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