Saturday, July 25, 2009

Rush is Right

Frequent readers know I am not a Rush Limbaugh fan, so it wasn't easy to just type the headline to this post.

But he's right on this one. The media created and supported this Presidency when it was only a candidacy. Turning on it would mean a collective error in judgment of mythic proportion--which is why it will be slow to come.

But when it does come, it will be devastating.


Ken Adams said...

It gets easier to say over time... My first was in 91.

Smoothfur said...

It goes way beyond the media. This has been long planned by the liberal left, and had some of its beginnings in the dumbing down of America in the public schools.

This dumbing down created an electorate dumb enough to vote for someone like President Obama. He promised them the world, hope, and change, but most of them were purposely denied an education that provided the tools for critical thinking that would have enabled them to question his promises, his judgment and his experience.

Ergo, we now have a president who is hell bent on the destruction of America as we knew it.

Good-bye America. We loved you.

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