Saturday, July 25, 2009

It's not about him, it's about the American people

Interesting story here regarding the VA gubernatorial race and the potential endorsement of the well-respected Douglas Wilder. Seems he is resistant to endorsing the Dem candidate despite lobbying from the White House. The White House's wildly compelling argument? Keeping the seat blue is important to the President's public standing.


Mudge said...

If my President thinks winning another Democratic Governorship in Virginia is critical to his own political success, then as a resident of the Commonwealth, let me be the first to say, "Mr. President, I stand with y...psych! I'm voting for McDonnell."

Silver Eagle said...

Interesting that Wilder is so cool on Deeds. The VA gubernatorial election will be an interesting test for the Dems and I suspect that McDonnell will win this election by a wide margin. Key question is whether this is a referendum on the direction that Obama is taking the country or on Deeds who doesn’t seem to be a very polished candidate.

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