Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Interesting Biofuel News

Story here about a new process for creating biofuels by using genetically-engineered micro-organisms who--well--basically poop ethanol (hey, I'm a history major).

I'm a minor investor in an ethanol distribution company, and one of the questions often asked is about the perception that the ethanol industry drove up food prices two years ago. There's little evidence to support this, but the perception remains. Diversifying biofuel stocks is a good idea if it can be done in an energy efficient manner....

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Greg "The Hammer" Dail said...

Poop ethanol? Lovely turn of phrase.
I could be wrong but I had a couple of uncles who were into the same kinds of biofuels long before they were popular. Their biotech facility was located in an abandoned house way back in the woods by a pond in Jones County, NC. They sold this environmentally friendly, crystal clear, clean biofuel (ethanol) to friends and neighbors, but oddly enough their clientele chose not to use it for its intended purpose. Instead they ingested the stuff!!?
Unfortunately those were the days of all powerful big oil and in a blatant attempt to stifle innovation and competition, they had their government flunkies arrest these pioneers of clean fuel technology.

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