Thursday, July 16, 2009

The CIA and Congressional Democrats

I've watched this latest dust-up between the CIA and Congress and waited for there to be some light amidst the heat. On the one hand, you've got the Director of the CIA sort of breathlessly heading over to the Congress to divulge this assassination team thing, there to be greeted by a group of Democrats spoiling for a fight in order to save the honor of their wounded (by the CIA) speaker Pelosi. On the other, you've got folks from the CIA saying "wait a minute, we didn't inform Congress because this was not an operational program; it was "on the drawing board", it was a concept/plan."

I think as things shake out, it will turn out to be pretty much as the CIA says...that there was no need to tell Congress yet--and that the leaks that came out of the Congress after Panetta's admission were a good sign of why it is you keep stuff FROM Congress until you absolutely have to tell them.

What bothers me at this point though is WHY THE HELL WE HAVEN'T HAD THIS PROGRAM UP AND OPERATIONAL? Here I am, fat, dumb, and happy since 9-11, thinking that we had guys out there around the world taking these Islamo-fascists down one at a time (a la Spielberg's "Munich"). But no. We were just talking about it. We were just planning it. We were doing just enough to not have to tell Congress about it.

Al-Quaeda must be quaking in its boots.


Thairish said...

This reminds me of a friend of mine telling me that there ought to be some sort of plan a la Godfather I and II where the heads of the families (al Qaeda) are all whacked at the same time. I think you and he would have gotten along.

Great post.

Greg "The Hammer" Dail said...

This is Pelosi covering her ass. Let me switch gears a second. Do you see what a corrupt media we have? Pelosi lies, gets caught red handed and the press ignores the story for weeks while the Dems manufacture a scandal against the CIA.
And this is the best they can do. Gee we had a program to kill terrorists? Jeez Louise I WOULD HOPE SO!

The Conservative Wahoo said...

Thairish is being coy....

Shortly after 9-11, as a staff officer on the Joint Staff, I approached a relatively senior officer (he's now a 4 star) and proposed "The Godfather Plan".

Here's how it would work.

On one day--the US military and the intelligence services--would carry out a series of attacks, raids, assassinations and take-downs. Sorta like how Michael Corleone consolidates power at the end of the Godfather.

Planning would take about a year. A target list would be developed. That target list would be carefully refined and each target assigned to a planning body with the forces required assigned to it.

As the day in question approached, a final selection of targets would be performed. Then, all in the course of one day, each of the operations would occur. They would be timed in such a manner as to provide a virtually rolling series of newsworthy events during the course of a day.

Targets would be selected from among ALL the big terror groups in the world. It would truly have been a world-wide operation. One would be able to watch CNN or Fox and see new "just in" and "special reports"

In one day, we would serve notice to the entire miscreant terror world that you cannot hide.

Keep in mind, this plan was put together in my head RIGHT after 9-11. It might be less palatable today. But it sure as hell would have been nice then...

Mudge said...

We could always charter a cruise liner and go shoot pirates.

I have always favored economic strategies to countering terrorism. No, I don't mean bolstering their national economies so they have more economic opportunities. And I don't mean economic sanctions. I mean putting bounties on their heads (terrorists, pirates, and anyone who harbors, supports, apologizes for them...are you listening Hollywood?). But make it worth one's while. Make the bounty tax free. Who am I kidding? This administration make ANYTHING tax free? Pshaw.

Smoothfur said...

There was a day (prior to the Boland ammendment) and other Democrat posturing for poilitical gain that the company would have taken the appropriate action(s) with little or no fanfare.

And in view of this article from Sep 2001 how can it now be a big surprise that this was being considered?

Congress may lift ban on CIA assassinations

By Michael Smith, Defence Correspondent
Published: 12:01AM BST 17 Sep 2001

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