Thursday, July 30, 2009

Keith Hennessey Gives a Virtuoso Performance on Healthcare

This might very well be the most important post yet here on the CW. Apparently, the White House sent out an email to its supporters yesterday outlining the President's views on health care.

Keith Hennessey (fast becoming a national treasure) has produced a rejoinder to the current Democratic plans in the form of an email response to the President.

You will not likely find anywhere (no, not even on CW Television!) a more coherent, straightforward explanation of a sound conservative approach to reforming health care--and several strong criticisms of the current direction in which Congress appears to be heading.

Read this. Then read it again. Then try to poke holes in it. Then read it again and begin to pass it along to your friends. This is the narrative, this is what conservatives have been looking for on healthcare.

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Mudge said...

CW - I read very few things twice, and absolutely nothing three times. But I'll agree this is worth reading at least once, and if you have trouble with reading retention, even more than once. JK. I particularly appreciate that Hennessey and others are raising the heat on the President's continued use of the "doing nothing is not an option" strategy of getting people to believe that, therefore, the President's option is the ONLY option. When I was in junior high school, I had to do some research on Hitler and his propaganda machine. I remember wondering how intelligent, reportedly-refined citizens of Germany could ever allow someone like Hitler to rise to power, then stay in power while taking his country through the lowest points in their history. I recall learning of "the big lie", an art Hitler and Goebbels mastered of telling such huge lies that people thought no one would actually tell something so outrageously unbelieveable unless it was actually true. Combined with this President's oratory skills (of which I must say I've grown weary), this "there couldn't possibly be another option to mine other than doing nothing" lie to which he frequently resorts is sommething we should all rail against every time he does it. Especially since this media still can't seem to catch their breath after praising virtually everything he does (unless it involves bringing bloggers into press conferences).

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