Saturday, July 25, 2009

Healthcare Stresses the Democrats

The Democrats, a Party in name only (really a loose configuration of interest groups), is having a bit of trouble using its filibuster-proof majority in the Senate and its 70 seat majority in the House to pass the President' healthcare plan (whoops, we don't have one of them--we've got Nancy Pelosi's!). If Congress were a parliament, it would be said that Mr. Obama presides over a "coalition government". And the coalition is strained.

This is delicious stuff. Watching them come apart at the seams is a guilty pleasure. Now I know there will be those who bemoan my words as more obfuscatory blather from a right-wing zealot dedicated to seeing that nothing gets done on healthcare. Those of you here who've read my thoughts and watched my videos know otherwise. When the President is sufficiently bloodied and realizes that the only way he gets landmark legislation with lasting consequences is to work with the Republicans and actually COMPROMISE, he'll get a bill through. But until then, let the bloodying continue.


Sally said...

I'm with you, I think this is priceless to observe. Republicans need to shut up (I'm talking to you DeMint), sit back and let the Dem party warfare continue until, in a fit of desperation, Republican ideas are finally sought.

I wonder how many reasonable-minded Democrats are silently considering an overthrow of Nancy P.

Mudge said...

Sally - Good point on DeMint. All we need is someone like him rallying the typically disparate interest groups of the Democratic Party to congeal around the President's social experiment. If he (DeMint) opens his mouth again we all ought to Waterloo-board him before he ruins it for everyone.

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