Saturday, July 18, 2009

Honest Ob - He Cannot Tell a (Total) Lie

Actually, he can, but this one is just a partial lie...for now.

Excellent post here from about the House version of the Health Care plan about which Great Leader continually assures us with fatherly, comforting tones, that we can keep our existing health care coverage if we like it.

Well, true...sort of...for a little while...

I wrote before that I believe this President is committed to taking this country to a new level of that is decidedly different from what the framers ever intended. I am also more and more convinced that he will go to great lengths to achieve that decidedly different America including employing a level of deception that eclipses that of even Nixon and Kennedy. Yes, that's right, I included JFK in the same deception category as Nixon (although JFK was much better at it). Still, BHO makes both of them look like Jon Lovitz when it comes to masterful deception (aka lying).

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