Thursday, July 30, 2009

What's a Trillion Dollars Worth?

Have a look. H/T NRO


Mudge said...

His last line was: "A trillion dollars is only 1/10th of the current bailout"

Have I missed something? What $10T bailout is he talking about?

Anonymous said...

Fed spending. Doesn't mention the $10T here, but you get the gist

Mudge said...

Anon - Oh, thanks. He made it sound like all the spending was a bailout. Although one could make the case I suppose. Still, no matter how you look at it, $1T is more than I could make in several hundred lifetimes and, here's the real test, I believe more than my wife could spend in a whole year!

Anonymous said...

The late Everett Dirkson must be spinning at high RPM

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