Friday, July 3, 2009

Jonah Goldberg's Advice to Sarah Palin

With much of which I am in agreement.


Sally said...

I agree that's good advice, but I don't think she takes advice well. She appears to view any criticism, no matter how legitimate, as an unfair personal attack. I remain a big fan of hers who hopes she'll see the light soon.

But you have to see the irony in advising her against using 'bumper sticker platitudes.' Remind me how O got elected again?

Mudge said...

Great article. And written in a way that if her handlers actually let her see it, she just might start realizing that she needs new handlers, like Mr Goldberg.

Anonymous said...

Very true.

All she needs to do is accentuate why she would make a good president. Everything else is just noise.

Mudge said...

and with all this discussion, we have one less Republican incumbent Governor who will be running for President in 2012. She may still run, but as of the end of July, it appears, she will no longer be an incumbent governor. (See )

My question for the CW readership is this: is the CW, himself, some sort of political angel of death who descends on potential presidential candidates who are successful and popular incumbent governors by writing positive blog posts about them?

Until we can bring some real science to debunk what I hope is only a coincidence, CW, whatever you do, PLEASE do not write anything more about Jindal or Pawlenty.

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