Friday, July 31, 2009

Big Fat Friday Free For All

All Time High (April 1 2009): 192.2
Diet start (June 1): 189
Last Friday: 180.0
Today: 178

Pretty good week on the diet front--though it would be more proper to call it the "eating like a normal human being and exercising more" front.

It's time again ladies and gentlemen, for Big Fat Friday Free For All--your chance to pop off, carp, kvetch or pontificate. What's on your mind, worthy readers?


Mudge said...

Cash for clunkers, reported to have run through the $1B funding in its first week that was to run through 1 November. Validation for C4C proponents or yet another government program where it would have been better to have allowed taxpayers to keep their $1B?

Greg "The Hammer" Dail said...

Damn, the money is gone. I was gonna bring in my 1993 GMC van with 285k on the clock. Get me an HHR.
It's like this, I'm like most people, I want less corruption or more opportunity to participate in corruption.

Sally said...

The August recess is the time constituents will allegedly 'let their Congressmen have it' and that's what opponents of cap and trade and the health care plan have been banking on.

Has anyone here reached out to their Congressmen, or do you have plans to do so?

Doc Milnamo said...

I just read that Senator Edward M. Kennedy has been indicted in the death of Mary Jo Kopechne, just a little over 40 years after her death.

What say? Oops, I got it wrong. He's being given the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

Anonymous said...

If you use the name Kennedy as an anagram and rearrange the letters it spells out "I am a Kennedy, and a Democrat who endorsed Obama therefore I can get away with anything"

Mudge said...

Greg - Your damnocrat friends in the House have responded faster than a teenage boy in the back seat on prom night to legislate another $2B just so you can trade the Hammermobile in on a shiny new Ford Fusion. I did enjoy the comment by Congressman Boehner: "There are a lot of questions about how the administration administered this program. If they can't handle something as simple as processing a car rebate, how would we handle health care?" Great point. Of note, the House GoP was able to secure a condition that this funding would be under immediate audit. Should be interesting to see how many new carpets and desks were purchased for DoT offices once those audits are complete.

Tom de Plume said...

The "political grown-ups" in America, i.e. conservatives and Republicans, are going to have to figure out how to welcome back into the real world those who voted for Obama in the last election and have realised the errors of their ways.

I guess Lincoln said it best, "with malice toward none..."

bbauer said...

I guess my problem with all this bitching and moaning about spending is that, previous to this round of too much spending we were, well... spending too much. Now we are [supposedly] spending on the people where before we were spending to police the world, buy pork barrel inspired weapons, and spread McDonald's, um, I mean Democracy. I am not a fan of spending. It is the prime example of how we are now in a unfavorable phase of capitalism and need to find a favorable one. I think we give too much credit to Reagan. Communism would have fallen anyway. It is amazing how some go on about Reagan being responsible for the wall coming down. While at the same time discussing the wrongs of communism and socialism in a manner that implies the systems would fail on their own. I give him a bit of credit but Reagan was but a nudge. I feel the same about our recent efforts to franchise our democracy. If it is so great (and I believe it is) it will flourish with small nudges. "Time makes more converts than reason", according to the first paragraph of Paine's Common Sense. I don't even think we are using reason so I will augment that statement with "It certainly makes more converts than a hammer to the skull." I guess my point is, sorry I missed the Friday window for Free-for-All Friday and that we may have some more naunced problems than what is offered by either black or white.

bbauer said...

Tom, I would add the right wing nutjobs too. We need to find some logical solutions in the middle. They may not be traditional. We evolve.

Mudge said...

bbauer - for the record, i've been" bitching" heartily about government spending, since the clinton administration and even during the bush administration, except, at the time of both, i was doing my small part from my lowly position within the administrations, to try to curb such spending and was a little too busy to just "bitch". and to be clear i wasn't bitching in writing then because cw hadn't yet birthed his blog and allowed me to write in it. and as for spending on "the people", you make it sound as if our government has its own money and they are generously giving it away to "we the subjects". tell you what, let me keep more of my money in the first place and i'll see to it that "the people" for whom i am responsible get to spend it on themselves. government can't keep up with the responsibilities we have already assigned it. we people should hardly be piling on even more responsibilities to this government and not one OUNCE more authority either.

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