Thursday, March 8, 2012

Advice for Mitt

...from Kathleen Parker, a not entirely trustworthy 'conservative' columnist. But she's right on here, as she advises Mitt to ignore George Will's guidance for Republicans to give up on the Presidency and focus on the House and Senate. Ms. Parker advises Mitt to embrace his inner dork, claiming 'he's like the doctor who doesn’t have a good bedside manner. Who cares? His cure is what we want.'

She's right. Romney is not going to out-cool Obama. As people are exclaiming how awesome O is to be singing Al Green, Romney is on the trail citing Davy Crockett or delivering an awkward America the Beautiful. We will hear often how out of touch Romney is, how utterly square he is, how people are just not excited by him. So he needs to not attempt to be hip or win the homecoming king competition, but needs to focus on the sober qualities that are utterly absent in this President. Obama is the Daily Show: Romney needs to be How it's Made.

As Parker asserts, 'they don’t want you to be cool. They want you to fix the economy. They want you to be serious, presidential and the grown-up you are.'

Do it, Team Romney. Free Mitt!

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