Friday, March 30, 2012

A Pill for Men?

Glenn Reynolds posts a story on his invaluable Instapundit blog on "the quest for a male contraceptive", and as the short lead-in to the post, he writes "Still Waiting".  Here's my question to the learned readers of this blog, one or two of whom I am led to believe are female.  Would a male birth control pill be a market success?  Really.  Would it?  Will single women trust the "trust me, I'm on the pill" line?  Will married women who do not wish to conceive trust their unoccupied uteri to the guy who can't seem to remember to take out the trash? 

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Mudge said...

Besides having no particularly pressing need for it, I vow, out of protest, not to even consider using it until Ms Fluke and her self-righteous ilk agree to buy it for me.

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