Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The South Rises Against Mitt

Mississippi and Alabama both rose up and handed Mitt Romney what can only be regarded as stinging defeats, as he came in third in both contests.  I'm not sure the "Romney Brand" goes over all that well in the heavily evangelical South (haven't sifted through the data, but I suspect when all is said and done, a strong "anti-Mormon" bias was at work), but he surely didn't do himself any favors with his references to "y'all" and liking grits.  Does anyone really like grits?   Or is it the butter you slather all over the top?

That said, our man Mitt finished a down night by INCREASING his delegate lead on Rick Santorum--with big wins in both the Hawaii and the Amercian Samoa caucuses. 

I'm not sure how many "winning" nights like this Rick Santorum can have.

Newt?  He's toast.  As much as he hates Mitt Romney, you'd think that he'd step aside now as a means to see Santorum really turn up the heat.  But Newt serves Newt only, so he'll probably stay around a bit longer.

Here's what the story line SHOULD be, but won't.

Romney consistently winning states that will be "in play" in the Fall.  Santorum winning states that are a lock for Republicans. 


"The Hammer" said...

Slagging grits now are we? Lord Have Mercy! You Godless philistine! You uncultured, boorish, brazen, uncouth barbarian! You are beyond redemption. They should throw you in jail. Just what in the hell are you playing at?

We'll I've wasted enough time on your dumb ass, but for those enlightened men and women of breeding and refinement, I offer this traditional Southern recipe.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Here's the Headline you will never lead with "Romney Rejected by VAST majority of Republicans" or how about "Romney's negative campaigning earns deep and abiding emnity among his Opponents."

The Conservative Wahoo said...

That's a good one, Anon.

How bout this one?

"Mitt's Opponents Rejected by an Even Vaster Number of Republicans"

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