Thursday, March 1, 2012

Random Thoughts From the Voices in My Head

Sorry to see the passing of Andrew Breitbart, R.I.P. This is yet another reminder that life is short (he was only 43) so let's all get busy and smoke all the cigars, drink all the booze and have as much sex as we possibly can. And when we die, let's have tax problems and a few bad checks in the mail.

As you may know I've been saying for years we should get the hell out of Afghanistan. In my considered opinion it is a country of goat molesting cave dwellers much too stupid and much too ignorant to bother with. Going in and deposing the Taliban was a good idea and that mission was accomplished in six months, but nation building, there(?), you must be kidding! Put a pro-American strong man in place and let him root hog or die, and remind the Taliban that if they get up to any more mischief we'll be back to bounce the rubble. And when we leave, take every last piece of equipment and crust of bread. Leave those animals just as we found them.

As of late, El Presidente has been touting a new and improved economy, and he might actually be getting some traction, at least temporarily. But we all know this is more a comment on the power of the media and it's ability to drive the news rather than what's really happening. Real inflation is around 8%, there are nearly 90 million working age Americans that don't have jobs, 25 million adults live with mom and dad and energy prices are through the roof. These are hard facts a lot of people live with every day and a media created reality distortion field don't mean do do. If there's one thing I know about politics it's this: If the facts run counter to your particular line of BS, and people are hurting, then no amount of money, media or propaganda will convince them otherwise. It will all just reinforce their perception that you are full of crapola and not to be believed. Contrary to what the leftist press would have us think, Obama is in bad trouble and just about any Republican can and will beat him. My only fear is what he might do if he gets desperate.

One last thing, I wish CW and his Cavaliers all good luck in the ACC as well as the NCAA tournaments. It looks like they're going to the big dance and we (NCSU) ain't. Oh well, there's always next year. Now piss-off.

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"The Hammer" said...

FSU 63 UVA 60.

Maybe not.

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