Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Where is the Fat Lady?

They tell us that it isn't over until the fat lady sings.  Well, it looks to me like she's at least warming up in the dressing room, working her scales and drinking tea with honey.  Mitt Romney firmly trounced Rick Santorum in Illinois last night, beating my predicted margin (12 points) by nearly three.

Here's how the rest of it will play out.  Santorum will win a very slim victory in Louisiana on Saturday--and then will not win another primary until MAYBE Arkansas and Kentucky on May 22--that is, if he is still actively campaigning by then.  The primaries in April (the third--DC, MD, WI) and the 24th (CT, DE, NY, PA, RI) will ALL be won by Romney--yes, that's right, I'm predicting Romney will beat Santorum in Pennsylvania, which will be the nail in Mr. Santorum's coffin.

Mr. Romney needs to put the hammer down on fundraising now, and begin to really lean on Republicans who have been sitting on the sidelines.  Mr. Obama is going to be a very difficult opponent to unhorse, but the victory will be sweet.  


"The Hammer" said...

One of your old girlfriends CW?

Sally said...

Best speech I've ever seen Mitt give was the one he gave last night.

Anonymous said...

perhaps she's fiddling around with her Etch-A-Sketch

Anonymous said...

April 3rd sweep should be the nail in the coffin, a win in Penn. would be a cremation and spreading the ashes out to sea!

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