Friday, March 23, 2012

Non-Establishment Republicans and the Mainstream Media...Perfect Together

There has been a recurring theme in this year's Republican Primary, trumpeted equally by our friends in the Bought and Paid For media (BAPF) and those nominally in the Republican Party who wait patiently for the second coming of St. Ronald of Eureka.  That is, that weak candidates have driven down participation in the primaries.  This odd couple of clucking hens took to the airwaves and the blogosphere the day after the Illinois Primary to tell us that the turnout was "lowest in 70 years".  But friends , the truth shall set you free.  Here are the 2012 numbers....and here are the 2008 numbers.  Do the math folks....more voters voted in the 2012 Republican Primary in than in 2008.

Ohio?  Here is 2008,  here is 2012.   Same story, if my history major math is correct.

Michigan?  You guessed it.  2008.   2012.   

Have there been declines in some states?  Why, yes.  But folks, there is plenty of excitement and interest in this race--don't let anyone fool you.

Hat Tip:  This site (can't figure out what it is called) 

UPDATE:  The BAPF media, late to the story.  

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