Saturday, March 24, 2012

And Then There Were Eight...

RankTeam NameScoreCorrectBest ScoreBest CorrectChampion
1Sean McGrath713911143Michigan St. (155)
2Jeff Stewart603714843Kentucky (157)
3Paul Lyons583614642Kentucky (141)
4Bryan McGrath573514541North Carolina (158)
5Kevin Mooney563312037North Carolina (145)
6Greg Dail48315632Indiana (176)
7bill bayer463211036Kentucky (138)
8Jonathan Mosier453210936Kentucky (165)
( ) = tiebreaker

Though I am having a tough time figuring out how the rankings are determined, it appears big brover Sean continues to lead, with Jeffrey "Chicken and Noodles" Stewart close behind.
Sorry to the Hammer that his Wolfpack fell out last night--they played Kansas tough.  I think Kevin Mooney and I are in trouble with our UNC picks, as their weakness at point guard really showed last night.

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"The Hammer" said...

You mean non-existent point guard. That kid who replaced Marshall had Division II written all over him. The Ohio's guards ran rampant.

The Wolfpack were just a day late and a dollar short. Kansas' big fellow shut us down inside for the most part and I'm surprised we hung in as well as we did. I really like the effort though. I can honestly say Wolfpack B-ball is back.

Kentucky looks like the one now. They're talented and even though Calipari is a gangster, they're well coached as well. I just don't see them losing.

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