Friday, March 30, 2012

Could This Old Dog Be Getting It Wrong?

I don't know how old you are but I've been around a while. I was a college student when Jimmy Carter was President (proud alumnus of the Tickbite Institute of Technology or T.I.T for short), and I continue to be amazed at the parallels between our current President and Mr. Carter. Both were elected on a wave of mass psychosis that reminded me more of a religious movement that a political campaign. Both have insular, self-serving, vainglorious personalties with not a small amount of priggishness thrown in; a deadly combination especially in dealing with other politicians. Both are leftist ideologues seemingly oblivious to the pain caused by their hair-brained policies. And both have such a distorted and confused view of the world and how it actually works that they are genuinely surprised when their policies fail.

My thinking throughout Obama's presidency was that he would be a one-termer. As populations age the younger generation must learn the lessons previously learned by the old. My generation had Jimmy Carter, 30 years later this generation has Obama. Lesson learned so now we move on.

But not so fast my friend. It's a different country from 1980. Leftists have controlled our education system, our media, our foundations/institutions and our government bureaucracies for these many years. We have millions upon millions of immigrants both legal and illegal who tend to support the redistributionist leftist position. The American spirit of hard work and self reliance has been attacked, denigrated and maligned and replaced with the entitlement mentality among so many, well I just don't know anymore. The balance may have tipped and it may be too late.

I hope not. But our problems run deeper than any election. If we conservatives, we libertarians, we believers in the Constitution don't start turning the tide on the more systemic and foundational problems we have, then just controlling the executive branch of government is no more than a bump in the road towards statism.

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