Friday, March 2, 2012

Have You Made Your Romney Contribution Yet?

Folks, after Tuesday night, it becomes clearer that Mitt Romney is going to be the nominee--but it isn't a done deal.  As you can see, our blog total hasn't moved in quite some time--and I think that is due to a perfectly understandable desire not to give money to someone who isn't going to win.  As intelligent people though,  you recognize that the key to winning is money--and by sitting on the sidelines and waiting for more certainty, you help create the very uncertainty that keeps you from acting.  Make the donation.  Click this link and make sure you check the box that indicates that you know your referrer.  Let's get this nomination over with, and then let's turn our sights squarely on November. 

1 comment:

Mudge said...

You know the dance, CW, get it close to the next $K and I'll kick it over.

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