Saturday, March 17, 2012

Renovation Update

The front of the house, should you visit us by water...
Well folks, we're a year past the "seven month" completion date of the renovation.  Lots of factors involved, but the bottom line is that things have turned out beautifully.  The renovation itself is essentially complete; we still have about two weeks of work to go on the pool, and then an extensive landscaping/reclamation job to be done of the front and back yards. 

I went for a little kayak trip today, and had to come back to shore to get my phone/camera--the view from the water really got to me--for the first time, I felt like it was done.

Here are a few more photos.


Anonymous said...

Comgratulations! Looks beatiful. Be sure to enjoy it now. Diving into the photos now.

Anonymous said...

Your house is looking great! We're just fixing up our first house now (completely DIY). Though not quite as extensive as your rennovations, I feel your pain.

-C. McLean

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