Thursday, March 1, 2012

Enthusiasm Gap?

We hear often (from various quarters, including the comment section of this site) about the lack of enthusiasm in the GOP primaries as evidenced by low turnout. Good news for the GOP, though: Gallup discovers Republicans are still a lot more enthused than Democrats are.


Shannon said...

As a woman, the events of the past week or so have definitely upped my "enthusiasm" for the 2012 contests.

I was holding my nose and voting for Obama, even though he's not nearly as liberal as I am. But the GOP's war on women certainly motivates me to give money and time to the Democratic efforts. It's not terribly valuable, as I live in Georgia without a prayer of a statewide election turning contestable, but at least I can donate to national campaigns and battleground states.

And now, I will.

The Conservative Wahoo said...

It is hard to imagine a clear-thinking, rational being using the phrase "GOP's war on women". It is far easier to imagine a liberal lemming using it.

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