Saturday, March 10, 2012

Toto, They're Not on the Ballot Anymore

So, here are the results so far from Kansas today, as reported on Politico. An expected Santorum victory. But take a look at these vote totals. Who at this point is voting for Herman Cain, Rick Perry or Michelle Bachmann? And why are they doing so? And seriously, 112 people are 'uncommitted'? Why would you even bother showing up to vote, only to say you cannot make up your mind?

R. Santorum 51.4% 13,982
M. Romney 20.9% 5,678
N. Gingrich 14.4% 3,902
R. Paul 12.5% 3,397
Uncommitted 0.4% 112
H. Cain 0.1% 33
R. Perry 0.1% 33
J. Huntsman 0.1% 32
M. Bachmann 0.1% 14


The Conservative Wahoo said...

...and Romney takes nearly as many delegates by winning in Guam and Northern Marianas.

Rick Santorum could win this; the problem is we'd need 200 primaries for him to catch Romney.

Sally said...

I'm not so concerned about his victory (he's got to flame out soon enough, right?) as I'm mystified by people who'd show up at a polling place to say 'I can't decide.'

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