Saturday, March 24, 2012

George Bush and Energy Independence

James Dean, "Giant"
Did you miss this one in the New York Times on Thursday?  I sure did.  It seems we're in a bit of a technology-aided, oil price prompted boom in the domestic production of oil and gas.  You remember oil and gas, don't you?  Those nasty, horrible, carbon-based relics of our former greatness?  It seems that our much maligned, in the pockets of the oil industry President (and Vice President), helped--through enlightened policy decisions--to aid and abet that which Barack Obama is now taking much credit for.  That is, the dramatic increase in domestic oil and gas production--and a concomitant decrease in our reliance on foreign oil (abetted also by a decline in US demand). 

Does anyone remember the howling of the left that accompanied VP Cheney's energy task force, and their "secret" meetings with executives of the oil industry?  Seems maybe--just maybe--they were talking about something other than how to screw the American public. 

Instapundit has this right; nowhere in this story are the words "algae, windmills or solar panels".  America's movement toward energy security is being LED by the oil and gas industry, while the Administration continues to pour money in to energy sources which simply don't scale well--but which seem to be reliable Democratic campaign donors.  For those who counter that the Republican Party is beholden to oil interests, I would only suggest that at least our guys have their act together.

Here's a question for my Democrat friends--name me ONE positive action that President Obama has taken while in office to continue or extend the actions of the Bush Administration that enabled this renaissance. 


"The Hammer" said...

It's the Tony Soprano rule: "If it doesn't work as a business, get rid of it". Solar etc., at this point in time does not work and has been a massive boondoggle, at our expense. If they were any good, they'd be attracting investment capital. But liberals don't see them as failures because for them it's good politics, and that's enough.

It's the mindset. Liberals hate God because they want to be God. So they try to change the physical laws, human nature, you name it, to suit their desires and are genuinely dumbfounded when it doesn't work out.

Mudge said...

"Democrat friends--name me ONE positive action that President Obama has taken while in office to continue or extend the actions of the Bush Administration that enabled this renaissance."

Apparently, CW, you weren't listening when our President made his only-to-get-elected propaganda blitzkrieg last week about how "under my Administration" oil production is greater than any time in the last 8 years, how even if we drill every inch of this nation, we still only have 2% of the world's oil reserves, and other lies, damned lies and half-truths. Even the WaPost has called him on the 2% that he keeps repeating. All this while announcing that he is expediting the lower portion of the Keystone Pipeline--to help cut through all the red tape. The only red tape standing between this pipeline and pumping oil is what he and his tax-dodging, anti-prosperity appointees put there "under [his] Administration." Anyone gullible enough not to see the boldfaced lies he is spouting just to get re-elected so he can order "Belay my last, Hard(er) left rudder" for the next four years pretty much deserves the wreckage he and his minions will make of the most successful and generous country in the history of mankind.

The Conservative Wahoo said...

Mudge--to me, positive action means something other than "not stopping the policies of my predecessor" which resulted in greater oil production.

Mudge said...

Of course, he can't truly claim even that now, can he? I guess he could say "I haven't yet eliminated or hobbled ALL of my predecessor's policies (but give me four more years and watch what I can do)!"

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