Friday, September 14, 2012

Big Fat Friday Free For All!

Hey folks--what are you thinking about?  What's got your goat?  What's eating you?

Share--here! And share well!


Sally said...

On Tuesday someone stole my Romney yard sign. I replaced it on Wednesday and on Thursday morning found it thrown in my shrubs.

My yard signs are having about as good a week as Romney is.

Bill said...

What are your top 3 issues that you think the US is facing? Mine are 1. The Economy. I don't want to go into an argument about left or right on this, or even what new service pablum facts about jobs created/lost etc are obtained from. In my opinion the economy is tanking and our national debt is at 125% of the GDP. We are in a crisis and one that will take years of concerted effort by congress to abate (and I am not sure it is abate able). Subsets of this are naturally jobs, unemployment, debt ceiling etc. We have borrowed huge amounts of money to fund current military operations and from countries that very soon may be challenging us. Once the dollar is no longer the world standard the real price of goods and services will be felt and that domino being tripped is one I hope never happens, yet it is in discussion. 2. Foreign Policy. I don't think we have one at least one that is focused on our vital national interest--before you rail on Bush, I don't see any difference here. We have a narco dictatorship on our southern border and we are building a fence. Israel will have to act in their own vital national interest and I am not sure which side we are on. 3. Military. we are coming off of the exhaustive and costly (in human toll as well as dollars) effort in a congress approved war in Iraq and while we have a timeline in place for congress approved war in Afghanistan we continue to learn lessons learned by those that were there before us. Meanwhile potential enemies at a much more powerful level are growing both in military power and influence. Now is not the time, again in my opinion, to power down.

The Conservative Wahoo said...

My top three issues are:

1. Entitlement reform
2. Tax reform
3. Restoration of American leadership in the world.

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