Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Credulity, Strained

Let's review the actions of NBC over the past few months.  In April, they brought you a doctored Trayvon Martin tape designed to incriminate George Zimmerman.  In July, they aired a clip cut short to make Romney look out of touch on Andrea Mitchell's show.  And in the past 48 hours, the caterwauling has been nonstop on MSNBC.   However, they cannot air the video two posts below this one where Obama talks in 1998 about wealth redistribution.  They cannot air it...because they cannot authenticate that the voice on the video is that of President Obama.

Let's review:  this is a VIDEO...his image, his voice...him!  And yet, they cannot authenticate it.

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"The Hammer" said...

That's all true Sally but that's not unexpected. That can be planned for, and it's not like he's the first guy in this situation. The first thing he's got to realize is he's running against the media as well. Make them an issue. Take their interviews and go over their heads and speak to the voters. Be proactive rather than reactive. Screw taking what the defense gives you, take what you want.
Last week when he allowed the media to turn an absolute foreign policy disaster for this inept administration into a wash for Obama, maybe even a slight win, we all knew right then that there ain't no Lee Atwaters in his campaign. He better do something and I mean right Goddamn now!

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