Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Debates Will Decide It

It's pretty clear the media has been making a big push for Obama lately. We've been inundated with bogus poll after poll nearly all indicating that "The President is starting to pull away". Since the conventions I've seen polls with Obama up 6, 8 or even 10 points and today I think the Real Clear average is 49/45 Obama. Of course we know better but this kind of misinformation can have an impact, especially in a close race. That's why the debates are all important.

The Democrats and their lap dogs in the media are well aware their boy is in a precarious position. And even though those shellshocked muppets running Romney's campaign allowed the moderators to once again come solely from the liberal media (conservative moderator? forgetaboutit!), if Romney is well prepared and aggressive he can win this race outright. And having all lefty all the time moderators ain't all bad. In case you're wondering Jim Lehrer PBS will do the first one followed by Martha Raddatz ABC, Candy Crowley CNN, and our old friend Bob Schieffer at CBS. Apparently the selection criteria to moderate is you must be politically liberal and if you happen to be male you must not have had an erection since Hilary Clinton was shaggable.

Obviously Romney is going to be asked loaded questions premised on leftist doctrine. He should do what Newt did; attack the bias of the moderator, point out why the moderator is a presumptive ass for even asking such a ridiculous question and proceed to answer the question from the conservative perspective. Then Romney can get into left/right issues with Obama and this time put him on defense because he has a sordid and profuse record to target. We conservatives are dying for the ideological argument to be made. We want a defense of Reaganomics. We want to point out Clinton would not have had a surplus but for a Republican Congress. We want to talk about how Democrat meddling in the housing markets precipitated the crash and how it all started under Bill Clinton. We cannot concede the absolute lie that George Bush created this mess! We want to go there and we want to make Obama defend where we are now. If Romney does this he'll be our next President.

The difference between Romney and Obama in this campaign, the reason Romney isn't up by 15 points nationwide, is that Obama is an amateur handled by pros and Romney is a pro handled by amateurs. They need to turn Mitt Romney loose because this it, this is the Super Bowl, get it done now or go home.


Anonymous said...

Responding to the moderator like Newt may be humorous to many and clever to grumpy GOP voters, but it certainly helped push him into the second tier of candidates during the primaries. Mitt may end up looking more impetuous at this point in the race.

Democrat meddling in the housing market may be an aspect of the crash, but you have to give equal credit to Sen Phil Gramm (R) for spearheading the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act. It was, of course, signed by Bill Clinton making it a truly bipartisan effort at screwing up a law that served the country well for 70 plus years.

"The Hammer" said...

You may think Newt hurt himself in the primaries by confronting CNN's John King, I don't. I didn't think Gingrich had much hope of winning the nomination from the beginning, too much baggage. Romney is unfortunately the candidate we expected him to be; careful, measured and tentative. I think it's time to be aggressive, in fact it's not really an option. It breaks my heart to criticize Romney or his campaign because the alternative is too horrible to think about, but these guys are as bad as McCain's Steve Schmidt. They are scared of their own shadow. Axelrod, Pluouffe and Stephanie Cutter are killers. They will do whatever it takes and they are committed. I don't see that from Team Romney. The minute Obama went negative Romney should have done likewise. Saying Obama is a really swell guy but I just disagree with him ain't gonna cut it. I'd have ads up 24/7 driving Obama's negatives into the stratosphere, which by the way is exactly what they're doing to Romney. He doesn't just have bad ideas, ROMNEY IS A BAD MAN! That is the message.

And to address your last point, there's been a lot of messing around in the financial business the past 20-25 years or so. You may recall the saving & loan debacle some years ago. Glass-Steagall played a part in our present situation as did many factors, but it cannot be denied the Community Reinvestment Act was the major culprit.

"The Hammer" said...

Oh yeah, they mentioned this guy on O'Reilly tonight. Supposed to be great, so what happens? Romney's guys tell him to hit the road.,0,5078575.story

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