Saturday, September 1, 2012

Not Quite Getting It

One of Romney's best lines the other night was 'the President promised to slow the rise of the oceans.  I promise to help you and your family.'  This was particularly effective because the latter sentence was delivered straight to the camera.  Anyone with an IQ larger than that of a sand flea knew this was a stinging reference to Obama's off-the-charts hubris. 

Except...MSNBC insists this was yet another example of Republican denial of climate change.  Salon chimes in with an article subtitled 'isn't climate change hilarious?'    They collectively claim with great indignation that the crowd roared with laughter at 'Obama's efforts to address global warming.'

I hesitate to suggest these two liberal media organs have an IQ smaller than a sand flea.  But one has to wonder if they truly don't get what the line was about or just felt as though they had to peddle this garbage for their viewers & readers. 

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The Conservative Wahoo said...

Agreed; Romney was talking about puffery, not climate change.

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