Sunday, September 2, 2012

Maureen Dowd is a Nasty Human Being

As has been discussed on this blog, Mitt Romney--no matter how anyone feels about him as a potential President--is without question an incredibly decent and generous man.   It was nearly impossible not to be moved by those personal testimonials the other night unless you had a heart of stone.

Enter Maureen Dowd, the snarky and snarly columnist I keep insisting I'll never read again, until I do a few days later.  Her column this Sunday (which resembles her column every Sunday) drones on about her view of the 'charade' staged in Tampa last week...a parade of heartless (and white!) bastards pretending to care.  But she inadvertently reveals the pettiness of her own character when she expresses her view of the stories told by the Oparowskis and Mrs. Finlayson as no more than "...wrenching testimonials from Mormons forced to publicly relive family tragedies simply to give Mitt a personality..."

Can she be this heartless?  Does she truly believe this?  Or is this scorn merely meant to insulate O, who could not possibly have such selfless acts anywhere in his past? 

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