Monday, September 3, 2012

Romney is a Rich Guy Who Knows the Tax Code

The Washington Post attempted yet another hitpiece on Mitt Romney this morning, a dossier on his severance agreement with Bain Capital.  The essence of the article is thus:

1.  Mitt Romney is a very rich guy
2.  He negotiated a severance package that is rare and not widely available to other tax payers.
3.  He has a fat IRA

The troubling thing about this article is that it doesn't appear that ole Mitt actually broke any laws.  Feisty things, those facts are. 

While whipping up class envy, the Post neglects other facts--that he worked his butt off to make Bain wildly successful, that while his severance package was rare and not widely available, so was his success--very few people build businesses as successful (would love to see the severance packages of senior WaPost exec...), and that while his IRA may be fat, there is NO LIMIT to the amount of money that can exist in one, contrary to the statement of the reliable statements of the lefty professor who claims such sums are contrary to the spirit of the law.  Sir--we do not deal in spirits of laws--especially tax laws.  We deal in compliance. 

One has to wonder about the scene around the editorial table at the Post...."hey guys, we haven't reinforced that Romney's  a rich guy who has a better deal than anyone else.  Who wants to take this on this week--you....Hamburger...yes you....go get 'em." 


Mudge said...

Good thing all those media "Fact Checkers" are taking a well-deserved vacation this week or they might have to figure out how to make the Post story look true. Damned hard work that is.

Mudge said...
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