Monday, September 3, 2012

Voter Fraud and Affirmative Action

Treated today to yet another story of inflated voting rolls, one can conjure up the expected response from those who see Voter ID as the return of Jim Crow and the re-awakening of Krystalnacht...."just because 30,000 dead people are on the voting rolls does not mean there is ANY evidence of voter fraud; it certainly does not justify the obvious voter suppression that would occur in forcing the elderly and infirm to obtain a difficult to obtain photo ID".

What is interesting in this oft repeated line is the insistence that verifiable voter fraud is the ONLY reason to consider Voter ID.  This stands in opposition to another fundamental tenet of liberal ideology--that of affirmative action and hiring preference.  One has only to go to the recent New Haven CT Firefighters decision to watch this in action.  New Haven officials scrubbed the results of the promotion test--not because of any ACTUAL discrimination, or history of discrimination--but because of the PERCEPTION that the tests--by virtue of their results--MUST have discriminated against Blacks.

So, affirmative action is good and holy even where there is no evidence of discrimination--but actionable voter fraud with convictions and scalps are required in order to justify a photo ID at the voting both.

Get it?


Sally said...

The single most ridiculous thing about the Voter ID argument is this has been news for months, which is PLENTY of time to get a legitimate ID. It's not like it's the 5th of November and there's suddenly new rules.

I hear you need ID to get into the DNC this week. Will anyone in Charlotte notice the irony? Nah.

Mudge said...

Sally - Just as it took 2 forms of ID to get into a speech by AG Holder denouncing the voter id laws. I would like to see some enterprising minority conservatives start raising the race card about how these sorts of requirements are depriving them of opportunities to see their government officials...that it is clearly targeted at them because they are minorities. Then watch the Administration try to dance around that without undoing their hollow arguments about voter id.

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