Saturday, September 1, 2012

University of Richmond at UVA

That's right folks, the college football season is upon us once again.  I haven't paid too much attention to pre-season hype, so I don't know where the "experts" believe my Wahoos will wind up--but I don't see why we'd have any fewer wins than last year's 8.

UVA has seven home games this year; each game involves a minimum of around 16 hours of travel, frivolity and game.  Most are even longer, as I tend to make them overnights.

Fact is,I've phoned it in around the house this summer, between work, the campaign, and the trip with Tubby.  I need to do a little maintenance and upkeep with the Kitten and the Kittens, so my UVA football weekends are going to be dramatically curtailed.  I'm aiming to get to at least two games this season, a pretty serious cutback from the five or six I usually attend.

Some strategy here too, as I'd like to have earned some credit when Mudge says "grab the Benelli my man, we're heading to the tree stands to kill Bambi".

News on how successful the strategy is to follow....


PK said...

Good choice, my friend! Well done.
And the question you must have known I would ask...
Hoo's in line for those tickets you won't use? :)

Mudge said...

Does this also mean you will be missing our annual hunt? Oh, that's right, you are a great white African game hunter now. Never mind.

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