Sunday, September 16, 2012

College Football Roundup: News and Views from a "Hammeratic" Perspective

Week three of the college season produced a few surprises but nothing major. FSU looked deadly against an admittedly inferior but improving opponent in Wake Forest. The Hokies got their asses handed to them by Pitt, and Alabama is starting to scare everybody shitless especially when one considers this is not last year's National Championship team. Clemson is looking good (they usually do early) and the shell-shocked Tar Heels made a pretty good comeback after Louisville started substituting way too early. TCU is looking good coming into their game with hapless Virginia X (please don't refer to them by their "slave" name). Notre Dame slapped around a pretty good Michigan State at East Lansing, could they be back? Of course the big news this week is that USC came up short against the Stanford Cardinal who everybody knows ripped off their helmet logo from NC State.
More good news for you folks from the upper Midwest. University of Minnesota-Mankato (wherever the hell that is?) coach Todd Hoffner was found not to have anymore "kiddie-porn" on his university issued cell phone, or confiscated home computers, or in his nightstand or under the mattress. It seems the coach brought his cell phone in for service and had video of his two toddlers running naked around the house going mad after bath time, he was immediately charged. Can't be too careful these days. Meanwhile Coach Joe Paterno will remain in Brown University's Athletic Hall of Fame. Coach Paterno was a 1950 graduate.

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The Conservative Wahoo said...

FSU looks tough. Really tough.

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