Monday, September 24, 2012

You Miserable Tax-Cheat!

"(Reuters) - Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his wife, Ann, gave about 30 percent of their $13.7 million in 2011 income to charity, but did not take the full write-off, making their effective tax rate higher."
Who does this guy think he's fooling? See how this works? Moneybags Romney made a boat load of cash and cynically gave 4.1 million to charity and didn't even take the full deduction so it would appear he paid his fair share. He only paid a paltry 2 million in federal taxes, the cheapskate. And he pulled the same con in 2010! 
Thank God Reuters and AP and all the rest of the main stream media are getting this point across and even mentioned that President Obama paid 22% (actually 21.7%) on an income of $789,674 ($400,000 salary, 390k "other sources"). Robert Gibbs said yesterday that Romney needs to "explain" the details of his "investments". RIGHT! There's something fishy going on here!    


LL said...

When Mitt Romney follows the law and pays the taxes that he owes, the mainstream media BLAMES HIM. It's as if it was Mitt Romney who was president for the last four years and managed to set his own tax rate. They also BLAME HIM for giving $4 million to charity last year and taking a deduction on $2.5 million of it.

They will do anything to keep that dysfunctional freak who 'sends chills up Chris Matthews' leg'.

Mudge said...

Every time they launch an arrow at him about this he should respond with "I pay the taxes I am required to pay and, unlike the current president, you can be certain that when I select MY Cabinet Secretaries, they too will be law-abiding citizens who pay the taxes THEY are required to pay." And then he should launch right back into the littany of collosal failures and misdeeds of this President and his party in the House and Senate. I still contend that very very few Americans understand or even know that this President has yet to submit a budget proposal that even his own party would put their names to and that even when the House cleans it up, Harry Reid says, no thanks, we can fly under the radar with record spending by just not passing a budget this year or any other year of this president's tenure.

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