Monday, August 9, 2010

Be Fruitful and Multiply

Robert Samuelson reminds us once again why we need to stay "busy".  A vibrant economy depends on replacement workers--you can import them, you can make them, or you can do both.  We need to do both.  Tax policy is a good start--and I particularly like Samuelson's inference that the monstrous mortgage deduction be reduced in favor of some more directly child/family friendly tax credit. 

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Mudge said...

"...(Not all the news is good. About 40 percent of births are to unmarried mothers; many children are entering poor or unstable homes.)..."

And therein lies the problem with his proposal. If Samuelson is proposing tax credits ONLY for those who actually PAY taxes, his proposal has (some) merit. But I doubt that is how it will play out. We will give tax 'rebates' to people who do not pay taxes which will be the financial incentive for them to continue making decisions whose consequences get saddled on the backs of actual tax payers. In short, while this group of feeding breeders are busy impersonating rabbits in rut, it will be up to the actual taxpayer to fund additional nipples on the public teat.

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