Sunday, August 8, 2010

Something Rotten In Denmark

Former British Labor Party leader Neil Kinnock’s son Stephen Kinnock has found himself entangled in a brewing controversy over where he pays his taxes, threatening to scuttle his wife Helle Thorning-Schmidt’s hopes of attaining the Danish prime ministry.

It seems that Stephen pays his taxes in Switzerland, where he is employed as an executive with the World Economic Council. Switzerland happens to have some of the lowest tax rates in Europe. But here’s the thing – the Kinnock’s family home is located in Denmark, which has the highest tax rates in the world. Thorning-Schmidt has reported to Danish officials that her husband spends every weekend in Denmark, which allows him to be listed as co-owner of their home in the capital.

Oh yeah, one other thing - Thorning-Schmidt’s Social Democrats are calling for higher taxes to cope with the recession.

Higher taxes for thee, but not for me. I wonder if they vacation with the Kerry-Heinz’s?

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Doc Milnamo said...

Did the Kerry-Heinz’s take the Kinnock/Thorning-Schmidt’s for a sail on Isabel?

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