Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Or you can just send a nice card

Our leader celebrates his birthday tomorrow, and the DNC's campaign arm, Organizing for America, is recognizing the monumental event. Their latest missive from yesterday:

'President Obama celebrates his 49th birthday in two days, and OFA supporters are getting ready to mark the occasion. They're hosting birthday parties in community centers, coffee shops, and their homes, celebrating our accomplishments and helping recruit new volunteers. This fall, we need to get as many of the 15 million first time voters as possible back to the polls. So this Wednesday, will you join us to celebrate the President's birthday?'

While the birthday celebration is obviously just a front to get their ground game going before November, at the same time there's something vaguely creepy about acknowledging the President's birthday like this. Not quite chanting-schoolchildren creepy, but it's somewhere in the vicinity.

I sadly had to regret lest I miss the radio show.


Mudge said...

I can't ever recall any group of citizens, outside of personal White House staff, Press Corps, Cabinet Officials and particularly sexy actresses in tight-fitting sequined gowns organizing themselves in acknowledgment, nay, worship, of a sitting President's birthday. It usually takes a three day weekend to get most of us the least bit interested in such an event even for the most deserving, and long deceased, Presidents. Creepy? Yep. But I differ with you, Sally, on it being less creepy than school children chanting. It's creepier than that because adults should know better.

Nick Turate said...

Can we even be sure of when his real birthday is?

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