Wednesday, August 18, 2010

This is rich

With the President's handling of the Ground Zero mosque issue drawing heat from all quarters, lefties in the press have determined that there's one man who can ride to his rescue: George W. Bush.

You read that correctly. Apparently the belief is he can save President Obama from himself by speaking out in support of the mosque, which they believe will give Obama cover.

I sure hope, after all the bashing of this man, that President Bush maintains the dignified silence he's displayed since leaving office. And we don't even know what W thinks on this subject!

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"The Hammer" said...

Yeah I heard that. Apparently the NY Times' resident slut and aspiring Cougar, Maureen Dowd suggested this. In the echo chamber of the liberal media it must be real easy to start believing your own bullshit. After all, public opinion is what people believe other people think, and liberals only listen to other liberals. So...W's an idiot, W's an idiot, W's an idiot...therefore W must be an idiot.
Q. Who the idiot now?

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