Sunday, August 15, 2010

The President and the Mosque

President Obama waded into the 9-11 Mosque issue on Friday night, without bidding and after his spokesman had indicated the White House view that it was a local issue.  So before a group of 100 largely Muslim guests at the White Houset, the President decided to remind all of us what a fine Constitutional law scholar his is by lecturing Americans--to the delight no doubt of his audience and Islamic audiences around the world--that the builders of the mosque and community center were within their rights to do so--and basically that not supporting their right was un-American on its face.  Thanks Mr. President--I'm sure you were a big hit in the faculty lounge at the University of Chicago, but the fact is, you're politically tone deaf.

So as I was readying for my vacation trip yesterday morning (Sat.), I heard the reporting of the previous night's speech.  I couldn't help but think that the President had given Republicans a great gift.  Once again--Barack Obama has decided to come out on the side of a small minority of people because by doing so,  he looks smart and internationalist and new-agey. 

By the time I reached my destination and fired up the old Dell laptop, I'd come to see that the President had begun to back down a bit from his statements of the night before--that he wasn't commenting on the "wisdom" of the project, only its constitutionality.  How predictable was this?  Do you think Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi screamed at the Rahmn-o-nator a bit yesterday?   Do you think the White House got an earful from angry Democrats who are already in very dubious electoral positions?  No doubt. 

So once again--in an effort to be the smartest guy in the room and the hip internationalist he thinks he is--Barack Obama sold 70% of America up the river--first by telling a group antithetical to their views that opposing the mosque was unconstitutional, and then by inferring that believing so was un-American.   Democrats have a right to be angry at the President, and so do the rest of us.  November can't get here fast enough. 


BigFred said...

Nice Ramadan dinner at the seat of power (I hope it was all fried in pork fat...). I'm sorry I missed the Good Friday, and Passover dinner in the bought and paid for media.

On the location: Where is the Japanese monument on Ford Island? Where is the German monument at Stalingrad? Or the Japanese monument in Nanking? They do not exist for good reason.

Hurry November, hurry.

Graham Ahr said...


"The Hammer" said...

The blue dogs are beside themselves. He didn't have to stick his nose in. As a matter of fact up until now he has wisely stayed out of it.

Sally said...

You have to wonder about all these unforced errors, particularly after taking so long to offer an opinion.

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