Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Cuba Travel Ban

It appears that the Obama Administration is preparing to lighten the existing travel ban on Americans wishing to travel to Cuba.  Good for them.  But in the words of an Iowa cornfield--"Go the distance".  Arbitrarily and unilaterally remove the restriction.  It is silly, unproductive, pointless and beneath the status of a great power to treat a neighbor 90 miles away like this.  We want change there--and I take a backseat in anti-Communism to no one.  But the way to unhorse the Castro's is to overwhelm them, not isolate them.


"The Hammer" said...

Agreed, but what about all those Cuban brand cigars? They sell H. Upmanns and Romeo y Julietas and a variety of brands, still produced by the Cubans. These brands moved after the revolution and are marketed in the States. Who owns the brand names?

Anonymous said...

Here, Here! Time to move forward WRT policy on Cuba

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