Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Cause Endures and the Dream Shall Never Die always have a Kennedy in office.

Puffy story here on how wonderful the widow of Ted Kennedy is, and how she's being quietly encouraged to run for office. Massachusetts Democrats are for it, Teddy's kids are not. (They feel her time is better spent raising money for the Edward Kennedy Institute, and promoting his legacy).

Vicki Kennedy appears to be a lovely, poised and accomplished woman. But let's face it, her candidacy would be based on her name alone. Can't this family go quietly into the night?

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"The Hammer" said...

Why would she marry that drunken debauchee in the first place if she didn't think she could eventually trade on the name? A shagged out old pervert like Teddy had nothing to offer her.

I love the "family" wants her to promote his "legacy". A legacy of what? A legacy of bad legislation that was so reckless and harmful it was borderline subversive? A legacy of nihilistic depravity so extreme and so pervasive Caligula would be envious?

My advise to her would be to go back to her maiden name, take the money and run.

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