Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Best Back Seats

No, not for THAT.

I do love the BMW 750 and the Lexus L460--but honestly, how could they leave off The Big Cat....?

Update:  Hammer---you're out of your mind.  Feast your eyes.....


"The Hammer" said...

I don't wish to be critical and as you well know I'm a non-confrontational kinda guy, but let's face the facts. A Jag is just a Ford Taurus with a face implant.

What to see a hot ride? Want to see a car that will raise pulses? Want to see a car that screams virility and class? A car men will envy and cause women to lose all sense of decorum and restraint? Here's one!


After all these years the Dino styling has never been surpassed. Of course there have been technological advances but we're talking the total package here. Just as Monroe will always be an iconic male fantasy, the Dino is a one of a kind.

Oh yeah, great backseat.

"The Hammer" said...

Yeah it looks nice...in a family sedan kinda way.
What do you drive to knock around in? Anything? I usually keep an old wagon or van to augment my regular wheels. You know, something you can smoke cigars in, pile bags of mulch, abuse etc., something you ain't gotta worry about. Can't see you driving that on a fishing trip.

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