Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Couldn't Happen to a Nicer Girl

Maxine Waters is in the soup.


"The Hammer" said...

This is the result of "set aside" districts. These are districts gerrymandered for black folks, and this isn't necessarily Democratic shenanigans. Republicans did it too to increase the concentration of white voters in surrounding districts. This practice was strongly encouraged by the first Bush administration in NC in 1990. The result was an all black NC-1 and a majority white NC-2 and NC-3.

The point is where there is a noncompetitive district and the incumbant is assured reelection (therefore does not fear the voters) corruption soon follows.

Mudge said...

Can't wait for the theater about to ensue when Dem leadership finds itself getting the race card (Waters & Rangel) thrown at them by the CBC instead of standing arm in arm while throwing them at conservatives. Please pass the popcorn.

The Conservative Wahoo said...

Already has--Sharpton on TV Sunday afternoon saying this was a conspiracy against black politicians.

"The Hammer" said...
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