Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Missus Takes a Trip

Yes, I know Nancy Reagan bought expensive china, and all First Ladies have expenditures that will be criticized. But now Mrs. O has jetted off to Spain on Air Force Two with 40 of her closest friends for a week in glitzy Marbella.

Presidents and their families have every right to vacation wherever they please. Critics of the Obamas for their vacation in Maine a few weeks ago vice a trip to the Gulf Coast looked petty. But while Michelle cannot exactly hop on a Northwest flight, the use of Air Force Two and providing accommodations for SEVENTY Secret Service personnel squares poorly with the need for sacrifice oft preached by her husband (remember 'you can't go to Vegas when you're saving for college'?

Perhaps I shouldn't judge her. After all, she has saved or created 26 ladies-in-waiting jobs.


The Conservative Wahoo said...


Sally said...

Took one for the team-I knew it would be difficult for a man to write about this without looking like you're picking on a girl.

Mudge said...

Love the "saved or created."

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