Thursday, August 5, 2010

Rich Lowry on the Rise of GOP Adults

In a column sure to raise the ire of the more populist elements of the right (see:  Hammer), Rich Lowry has a column here on the rise of what he terms "adults" within the Republican Party--particularly Mitch Daniels and Chris Christie.  I'm so completely on Lowry's side on this one it isn't even funny--the contrast between Daniels, Christie (and VA Governor Bob McDonnell) and Sharon Angle and Rand Paul (who Lowry perfectly refers to as "shaky vessels") is notable.  More adults, please.


"The Hammer" said...

You need to just stop. If the country operated with my values and beliefs we'd all be healthy and happy in a nice little Constitutional Republic.

By the way you podcast last night sucked moose schlong. Was it because Big Fred (the Ed McMahon of Blog Talk Radio) was absent? Well, whatever the reason you were off your game and it was embarrassing. You show so much potential and then you turn in a performance like that; it's very frustrating for the listener.

And then, AND THEN you had the gall to kick me out of the chatroom. What is wrong with you!? Does the phrase "Nazi jackbooted thug" mean anything to you? Are we not allowed to make relevant constructive comments any longer?
Your behavior was outrageously inappropriate and I await your apology.

exonsci said...

Looks like a case of "I'm taking my ball and going home". Problem is, you never had the ball.

Sally said...

Was listening to Chris Wallace on Don Imus' show this morning and he was talking about his Sunday morning show. He has a series he's trying to keep going each week with the prospective 2012 contenders. Last week he had on Sarah Palin (I know, I know) and this week is Mitch Daniels. I love this guy but still have yet to SEE him in an interview. Looking forward to tuning in.

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